Prewash and Wheel care

Chemical products for professional car wash for cleaning rims and polishing tires. The chemical products for car washes dedicated to cleaning rims and polishing tires are specially designed to give the wheels a bright, shiny and gritty appearance. To maintain their efficiency over time it is necessary to carry out a specific and constant cleaning of rims and tires over time.

Jedy 2 Super Foam

AN EVOLVED PREWASH THAT IS HIGHLY SAFE TO USE Powerful detergent and polishing effect, to clean…

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Killer Pulimoscerini

INSECT REMOVER Killer Pulimoscerini is a highly qualified product for the rapid removal of insects…

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FOAMING “NO TOUCH” PRE WASH MANGUSTA represents the highest expression of MA-FRA research and…

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Power Wheel

Detergente alcalino polivalente per cerchi auto Power Wheel is an alkaline cleaner that dissolves…

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Silver Pre Wash 2G

PREWASH FOR HARD DIRT Its high cleaning power with a balanced foaming effect makes SILVER PRE WASH…

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