INOX SHINE - Professional kitchen cleaner

The professional kitchen cleaner suitable for all steel surface. Professional kitche degreaser.

INOX SHINE - Professional kitchen cleaner

INOX SHINE is a cleaner ready to use with highly protective and polishing action suitable for all steel surfaces, such as external surfaces of dishwashers, tables, hoods, refrigerators, countertops, faucets and ovens.

The product ensures brightness and hygiene to the treated surfaces, removing all traces of limestone easily without leaving scales or marks.

INOX SHINE does not require rinsing and releases a pleasant and persistent fragrance of lemon.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: spray INOX SHINE on the surface to be treated and wipe with a clean, dry cloth.

A professional products by Mafra, international supplier for kitchen and kitchenware degreasers and cleaners.

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