BRILLSTOV 2G - Kitchenware cleaner

Acid ph dishwasher rinse aid

BRILLSTOV 2G - Kitchenware cleaner

BRILLSTOV 2G is an acid pH rinse aid for both industrial and domestic dishwashers, prevents

the formation of water droplets and clouding on dishes, avoiding any streaks caused by the deposit of mineral salts in water and thus ensuring sparkling clean dishes and rapid drying, even with very hard water.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: fill the dishwasher’s rinse aid compartment following the manu- facturer’s instructions, and check the rinse aid level regularly.

For industrial dishwashers, use the product undiluted with the dosing pump provided.

A professional products by Mafra, international supplier for kitchen and kitchenware degreasers and cleaners.

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