STOV BAR - Kitchenware cleaner

Professional kitche degreaser.

STOV BAR - Kitchenware cleaner

STOV STRONG is an ultra-concentrated product with intense de-greasing and cleaning power for professional, industrial type dishwashers.

Effective even with very hard water at tackling all kinds of dirt, including the most stubborn such as tea and coffee, leaving no trace of limescale.

The product is non-foaming and is also recommended for dishwashers of the type used in bars, restaurants and other public establishments.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: use undiluted, using the dosage pump provided and the following doses: from 2 to 6 g per Liter of water depending on the degree of soiling and on the water hardness.

A professional products by Mafra, international supplier for kitchen and kitchenware degreasers and cleaners.

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