Bathy Plus - 500 ml

Formulated to completely eliminate encrusted dirt from all car surfaces resistant to acid

Bathy Plus - 500 ml

BATHY PLUS detergent is specially formulated to completely eliminate encrusted dirt from all surfaces resistant to acid.

It is especially suitable for the surfaces of toilets, taps, bathrooms, showers, swimming pools and is ideal for cleaning vertical surfaces.

Cleans and sanitizes dispensers with refill.


INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: avoid contact with colored enamel, damaged surfaces and with surfaces particularly sensitive to acids such as natural stones, aluminum, precious metals, etc.

BATHY PLUS can be used neat or diluted 50%, depending on the degree of soiling.

Spray the solution on the surface you need to clean, possibly with a foaming sprayer.

Leave for 30 seconds, wipe with a sponge and then rinse with plenty of water.

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