Sales network

MA-FRA has a Sales Network of 100 single firm agents in Italy and 40 importers overseas, all with their own depots and logistic structures and an average delivery time of 36 hours.

Close contact with the sales network enables MA-FRA to rapidly identify the Customers’ needs and to create a specific product to meet those needs.

MA-FRA considers the relationship with the sales force essential and many of these long-lasting bonds, based on loyalty, have already reached the ‘second generation’. MA-FRA has managed to attain this close network of partners through respect and the free exchange of ideas, partner training and development, the protection and maintenance of the allotted zones, being clear and honest and having the will to share a great project with them all.

In keeping with this policy, MA-FRA organises a general meeting each year to present new products and sales strategies, supported by regional meetings organised for Nielsen area.

Over time, and thanks to this assured MA-FRA support and training, our dealers are no longer ‘simple’ sellers but have become something more. They are consultants able to provide solutions to the many questions that the market poses.