It's used to dissolve the ice on cars even in extreme conditions - 500. Professional car care Product.


How many times have you left home on a winter’s morning to go to the office only to find your car windscreen completely frozen over? How much time have you wasted in the exhausting task of removing the ice! With NOT ICE you can avoid this annoying problem once and for all.

Essentially, NOT ICE has been formulated by MA-FRA research laboratories to dissolve the ice even in extreme conditions, avoiding the formation of smears and haloes on the windscreen and protecting rubber parts from the frost.

NOT ICE is also useful for immediately de-icing car locks and prevents ice forming on the windscreen, thanks to its exclusive super-active formula.

It also cleans the wipers and allows the blades to glide more smoothly, improving visibility in all driving conditions.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: spray the product evenly over the icy areas.

Wait several seconds and activate the wipers.

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