Super Start

This product is able to remedy all start-up car problems resulting from low temperatures. Professional car care Product.

Super Start

Winter could very well be a car owner's greatest enemy, especially for owners who don't have suitable night-time shelter for their cars.

Just when you really need it, the car fails to start or the battery runs down.

MA-FRA swears by SUPER START for occasions such as these.

This absolutely essential product is able to remedy all start-up problems resulting from low temperatures.

It can be used on any type of engine: whether diesel or petrol, the ignition powers of the “tired” engines are boosted by the main SUPER START agent steam on the filter (petrol) or directly in the air ducts (diesel), starting them up straightaway.

SUPER START is the ideal solution for even the most jaded engines or engines which have spent long idle spells at low temperatures and refuse point blank to start.

SUPER START is available in 200ml spray formats.

Try our professional car care products and try the Mafra quality: car wash and car cleaning supplier.

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