Surface Purifier 125ml

Hydroalcoholic solution 65% with chlorhexidine

Surface Purifier 125ml

SURFACE PURIFIER – bottle 125ml Hydroalcoholic solution 65% with chlorhexidine 


API* recomended against Covid-19
Source WHO World Health Organization guidelines 

 *Active principle ingredient | The active principle present in the product is compliant to World Health  Organization recommendation



SURFACE PURIFIER has been developed to offer deep Purification by removing any contamination and soiling, without leaving aggressive chemical residues and it does not require rinsing. 


Field of application
SURFACE PURIFIER is particularly recommended for decontaminating the surfaces of offices, homes, gyms, public places (cafés, fast food restaurants, public transport, etc...), cars. 


• Purifies from contaminations
• Safe on all surfaces
• Does not leave aggressive chemical residues on surfaces

• Cleans and purifies all surfaces
• Eliminates odours
• Leaves a fresh and clean lemon scent in the air
• No rinsing required 


Mechanism of action
The sanitising activity of the ethylic alcohol comes from its ability to denature proteins. Alcohol solutions containing 60-80% alcohol are more effective than solutions with higher concentrations since proteins do not denature well in the absence of water. Alcohol per- forms its decontaminating action rapidly, but does not have an ap- preciable persistent action; this is why chlorhexidine was added to the formula, prolonging the sanitising action. The antimicrobial action of chlorhexidine is due to the fact that it attaches to and de- stroys the cytoplasmic membrane of the pathogenic agents, with the subsequent precipitation of the cell content. 


Action time
SURFACE PURIFIER contains an enhanced active ingredient that fulfils the guidelines of the ISS (Istituto Superiore di Sanità - Na- tional Health Institute) and is effective after one minute of expo- sure to contaminated surfaces. 


Source: ISS COVID-19 Report • No. 19/2020 


Instructions for use and diluition
• Wash the surface before proceeding with purification

• Spray directly onto the required surface at a distance of 20-25 cm
• Wipe, where possible, with a clean microfibre cloth. No rinsing required

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