PR2 Lava Foam

Foamy Prewash

PR2 Lava Foam

Unika Lava Foam PR2 is a special, high concentration, detergent formula for all cars. It is delicate on surfaces and has a pleasant “UNIKA” fragrance.

Its active foam rapidly eliminates: insects, grease, smog, hydrocarbon residues and, in general, all types of dirt.

Ideal used on portable systems with cascading foam and with all foam systems.

Unika Lava Foam PR2 has an alkaline PH and its formula is based on fine, latest-generation, cationic surfactants.

Unika Lava Foam PR2 has no caustic salts and maintains its excellent safe detergent qualities on all types of paint, in any environmental conditions.

It is a “VDA APPROVED” product so can be used on aluminium, plastic and rubber. Easy to rinse and purify.

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