Wash Bucket

Car Wash Bucket
  • Facilitates the rinsing phase of the microfibre glove and accessories
  • Tapered and compact design
  • Excellent chemical resistance capacity to acid and alkaline substances

90% of the scratches found on the bodywork are caused by an incorrect washing technique and the lack of the right accessories.

Washing and drying are two of the key moments during the car cleaning process, not to be underestimated. Choosing the right technique to use when washing can allow us to reduce the possibility of damaging the car.

The use of the two-bucket car wash technique is one of the safest systems for washing and maintaining the vehicle, this minimizes the possibility of causing imperfections to the bodywork.

The Wash bucket in the washing technique designed by Mafra facilitates the car wash phase, allowing you to create a perfectly dosed solution of water and shampoo.

The tapered and compact design allows a functional use of the bucket and to store it with a small footprint. This solution, in addition to facilitating risk-free washing, allows you to conveniently store your products inside.

The Mafra Wash bucket, in addition to having an excellent chemical resistance to acid and alkaline substances, is impact resistant and versatile.


The Wash bucket has a capacity of 21L.


We recommend using two buckets for car washing, one in which to put the shampoo and another with a grid for rinsing the glove.

Use the Wash Bucket to create the car shampoo and water solution you will need for the wash.

Use the Rinse Bucket with grid to rinse often the microfibre glove chosen for the car wash, in order to trap the dirt removed from the vehicle at the bottom of the bucket, preventing it from re-depositing on the washing glove.

  • Add the shampoo to the Wash Bucket following the dilutions indicated in the bottle. Add high-pressure water to the bucket in order to generate some foam;
  • Prepare the Rinse Bucket with rinsing grid. Dip the Double Face Glove or All Season Wool Glove into the Wash Bucket with shampoo and foam. Start washing from the top of the vehicle by applying light pressure;
  • Clean the glove used for car wash often by rubbing it on the grill to remove impurities. Complete the total cleaning of the vehicle. Rinse the treated surface. Proceed to dry the bodywork with the Super Dryer cloth.

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