Nouveau Noir

Easy to use product that protects the tyres from the classic cracking. Touchless and Automatic Car Wash Line.

Nouveau Noir

The tyres are all too often neglected, and yet they are our connection with the road.

It is not merely a matter of aesthetics: protecting the tyres from those cracks that appear, forming primarily due to severe changes in temperature, can be important for the safety and the durability of the tyre itself.

NOUVEAU NOIR is an easy-to-use product that protects the tyres from the classic cracking effect by maintaining the elasticity of the side surfaces and giving them a constant shine.

The greatest advantages of NOUVEAU NOIR are primarily visible over time and the colour immediately regains its natural look.

In keeping with the Ma-Fra philosophy and its eco-sustainable project, the NOUVEAU NOIR formula is free of the phosphates that are highly pollutant for water and land.

The highly biodegradable brightening substances in NOUEVAU NOIR are vegetable based.

NOUVEAU NOIR is sold in 500ml formats, fitted with a handy spray top.

Works with car wash nozzle, ideal for pressure washer.

Choose Mafra for your touchless and automatic car wash products.

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